The dubious and contradictory reputation of Agrippina, the founder of cologne, raises questions about male historiography and who or what is responsible for transmission of knowledge and history. What is real, the truth, what is mirage or propaganda? Was Agrippina a bloodthirsty ruler or did she simply interfere too much in politics for a woman and was therefore denounced by her own son and the male historians? Those questions are petrified in marble and its mimicking counterpart that complement themselves in the throne Pina.
The marble statue as well as the curvy Klismos chair was reserved for gods and the emperors in the Roman Empire. Agrippina was also immortalized in stone, sitting on a Klismos throne. Although many statues of her were destroyed by her son Nero‘s demand, some have survived portraying her in a majestic seating posture.

Corian & Marble
472 x 350 x 630 mm

Part of the group exhibition „Multilogue“ at Mouches Volantes, Cologne


For Studio Œ
Together with Lisa Ertel

Photos by
Marcel Strauß & Jannis Zell